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Address for individual or group getting ready
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Please include in the count the number of people you're anticipating needing hair services. (Please note the minimum spend policy below.)
Please select how many flower girls (girls under 12 years) will be needing hair services. NOTE: Bridal party members over the age of 12 are at the full adult rate.
I highly recommend doing a hair trial. It'll give me a chance to see what I'm working with and get to know you better. Why not time your hair trial with your bridal shower or Engagement photo shoot? I'm sure your photographer will love you for it! :) If any bridal party members are the slightest bit particular or unsure of hair or makeup they are highly encouraged to have a consultation/trial in order to ensure satisfaction the day of. Photos of ideas are welcome and I will do my best to accomplish the desired look.
Please include in the count the number of people you're anticipating needing makeup services. (Please note the minimum spend policy below.)
Please include in the count the number of flower girls under the age of 13 that you're anticipating needing makeup. NOTE: Flower girls over the age of 13 are the full adult rate.
I also highly recommend a makeup trial! We will get to know each other and you can use this opportunity to test out how the day-of makeup will wear. We can also use this trial to sort out what products and looks suit you best. Think about booking this trial on the same day as an engagement shoot/party, bridal shower (if its not too close to the wedding date), a day that you will be heading out for a night on the town or for another special event. Please urge anyone that is the slightest bit particular to book a makeup trial with me as well.
Please note that there is a mimimum spend of $300 for day-of services. *
You may add additional people to receive services however you must contact me prior to make sure I have time to accommodate more people as I allot specific amounts of time per services rendered for parties. A minimum of 30 days is required prior to the event/wedding date to make any changes to the number of individuals receiving services. *
For scheduling purposes - I require 45 minutes per person, per service. This timing guideline will be adjusted if additional artists are present or if the client/bride and/or attendants are deemed to have special circumstances at the discretion of the service provider. One hairstyle/makeup look per person will be provided on the day-of wedding/event (including the client/bride unless a mid-day style change is prediscussed). Minor changes to styles can only be done if time permits. The stylist will provide all hairpins and styling products. The bride/client and attendants must provide any hair ornaments (tiara, veil, flowers, etc). If makeup service is requested, due to possible sensitivities and preferences, please make sure the party brings their own foundation/powder, lip-gloss and mascara. *
On location, please have work area clean with table, chairs and good lighting ready prior to service provider arrival. *
Hair should be freshly shampooed and completely dry the night prior to the wedding/event date. This will hold styles much better than if hair is shampooed immediately prior to styling. Please ask all members of the party to use only soft styling sprays in the morning, as hard or stiff sprays make hair extremely difficult to curl and style. *
The above rates include travel within Toronto, Pickering/Ajax, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, Vaughan and Richmond Hill. Outside of the areas noted, will be subject to a $0.85/km fee calculated from the closest bordering street/major intersection. Client is responsible for any valet parking price if nearby parking cannot be found. Airfare, accommodations and all cost for travel outside of the above noted GTA areas to booked event are to be paid by client. Cost may include, but are not limited to: airfare, hotel/lodging, transportation and parking. *
Depending on timing (limited prep time), size of group (typically groups larger than 5 requiring BOTH hair and makeup) and services requested, I may need to arrange to bring in some backup to assist me in making your group look fablous. Each additional artist is a $100 charge. Please inquire for more information regarding bringing in additional artists. *
$100.00 will be added to weddings booked on a holiday or a holiday weekend. *
Hair by Pea shall provide services with reasonable care and skill. Artists shall perform the service promptly on the date and time agreed. Any allergies or skin conditions should be reported by the client to the service provider. Client(s) agree to release the service provider(s) from liability for any complications due to allergic reactions. *
Interact e-trasfer preferred to
I require a $200 non-refundable deposit along with this signed service contract. The $200 deposit will go towards your event services. Your date is not reserved until your deposit has been received. *
I accept cash or E-transfer only on the day of – please provide remaining balance for above stated individuals in one envelope on the morning of the wedding/event before services begin. Prices are subject to change as styling needs change, services are added or travel distance changes. The individual signing the contract will be responsible for the total fee of the purchased package or quote (herself and her party). If you are satisfied with the services provided gratuity is welcomed and much appreciated. *
All deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the wedding date are subject to pay the full cost of contracted services. In the event of sickness, accident, act of god or other and I am subject to unavailability, efforts will be made to assist you in making other arrangements and your deposit will be refunded. *